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Chibi-Usa used to be my least favorite Sailor Scout because she was bratty and dressed in all pink but now she’s kinda my fave because of the exact same reason

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Sailor Moon

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So I sat down outside to do some *~serious~* art, but the only thing rattling in my head, randomly (okay not so randomly), was Sailor Moon. So now I have quite a few sketchbook pages filled with Sailor Moon Characters.

I’m sorry. Lesson learned. I’ll never try and do *~REAL~* art again T^T

Anyway, a doodle of Sailor Pluto I slapped some texture on. 

I looveee Rebecca aaartttt

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GPOmy feelings right now HURGH

Slacking on comics, the us’. (yooj? Uj?)

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More Haruka, now with added Michiru. One of my favorite pairings in any series.

Also it’s really sunny and beautiful at home right now so it’s a summery scene yay

Watercolor pencils and micron