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Doodling dumb stuff to warm up for an ALL-NIGHTER OF FUN

Kurt personally I’m very pro-neon mesh crop tops you better watch it

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Part two of the big You Da One update! Another update will go up tonight.

(Click here if you missed the update last night)

(Click here to read the comic in chronological order)

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A long-awaited You Da One update, which is actually also a commission for somewhereonlyino

This update is actually part one of 2 to 3 that’ll go up over tonight/tomorrow, so keep an eye out (If you’ve forgotten what’s been happening, here are the comics thus far in chronological order)

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The new Rachel.

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"White Christmas" indeed

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(Trigger warning: suicide (attempted), drug overdose)
This is a comic I have been working on for the past three days. I don’t know what sparked it but once it got in my head I had to get it down.

It’s kinda heavy. I don’t usually write angst, and I know nothing of the medical practices involved in this so please be gentle with me and suspend your disbelief a little.

This is too long for a single photoset so the whole thing is under the cut. I hope you enjoy. 

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Campaign for BroTP: The Twinkles begins now

Also known as “The Only People Who Can Talk Sense Into Rachel Berry” Club

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Burt always made the other kids find Kurt and Blaine when he needed them for something. Because he knew better at this point.

Commissioned by Brizzbee! Posted with her permission

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In reaction to the newest casting news RACHEL SERIOUSLY YOU NEED TO CLIMB THAT LIKE A TREE

Honestly though, this Dean fellow is nice and all but Jacob Artist can get it get it any day of the week, good lord

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