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Anyway I drew some cool pics of me, some weird nervous possum thing wearing a hat

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i don’t know what im doing

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BoJack Horseman is really cute!!! sad

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Do you listen to Neon Jungle? You should listen to Neon Jungle

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"Fresh from the fields, all fetor and fertile / It’s bloody and raw but I swear it is sweet"

Another entry for Hozier’s fanart contest

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Varying degrees of doodles I’ve posted to twitter this weekend

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Inspired by a conversation with Dan on twitter the other day.

It’s also available on shirts, mugs, and prints in my society6

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"They’d find us in a week
When the cattle show fear
After the insects have made their claim
After the foxes have known our taste
I’d be home with you
I’d be home with you”

Art for the contest the singer Hozier is putting on, inspired by the lyrics above.

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I love kendrawcandraw

My boo met Drake last night and Barf Troop is gonna get signed to OVO and become huge stars it’s w/e

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Imagine if four Disney princesses formed a badass singing group and sang about girl power and being awesome

I’m here to tell you it’s real and it’s Little Mix