July 11th  -  340 notes  -  J

Hello 911 it got in my mouth

June 22nd  -  284 notes  -  J

I promise I’m doing real work but I took a break to draw a boy in a crop top because it was very important

June 18th  -  139 notes  -  J

So Cakes Da Killa’s new album dropped today and it makes me feel some type a way….

June 12th  -  825 notes  -  J

Iasmin drew some really excellent Ranmas today and inspired me„„

I think I shipped these guys probably a decade before I knew what shipping was

June 9th  -  328 notes  -  J

Emotional about Nicki rn/forever

May 27th  -  528 notes  -  J

Drawing Bulmas, avoiding responsibilities!!

May 22nd  -  255 notes  -  J
May 15th  -  1,124 notes  -  J

idk idk

May 12th  -  371 notes  -  J

More road trip drawings! It was a long ride

May 12th  -  222 notes  -  J

Sorry for the radio silence! I was in Toronto for TCAF!

Here are some character doodles of a comic I’m gonna do eventually