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All mugs in my Society6 shop are $6 off today!! <— Clicky linky! The discount comes off when you check out!

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Hey y’all! As you may know, Society6 recently began offering improved tote bags, mugs, and throw pillows!

So I reformatted some of my favorite designs and I hope you like them and you can buy them here okay thank you!!!!!!!!

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Commission for flamingmuse, posted with her permission!

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If you think Tony Stark’s greatest joy in life wouldn’t be mortifying his son you’re wrong

Commission for Noemie, posted with permission!!

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Dancin’ in the courtyard

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Commission for Georgia, posted with her permission!

Stiles, Kurt is grossed out by you. Wash your clothes. 

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Commission for Vanessa InkyStars, posted with her permission, based on her upcoming fic.

Kurt is the Page of Cups, Blaine is the Knight of Wands, and together they are The Lovers.

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Commission for Rachel! Posted with her permission.

Is there anything I love more than drawing boys wearing beautiful couture lingerie? No, no there is not.

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A commission for mshoneysucklepink! Cooper gets a role in a male stripper movie (cough) and gets booty-toochin’ lessons from Sam and Blaine

Kurt approves

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A very late commission for the very patient Katrina! From her and Dianna's fic Burns Brighter, which now also has a sequel in progress!