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Commission for flamingmuse, posted with her permission!

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Commission for flamingmuse, posted with her permission!

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If you think Tony Stark’s greatest joy in life wouldn’t be mortifying his son you’re wrong

Commission for Noemie, posted with permission!!

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Merry Klainemas, everyone

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Dancin’ in the courtyard

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Commission for Vanessa InkyStars, posted with her permission, based on her upcoming fic.

Kurt is the Page of Cups, Blaine is the Knight of Wands, and together they are The Lovers.

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A very late commission for the very patient Katrina! From her and Dianna's fic Burns Brighter, which now also has a sequel in progress!

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Hey guys!! FREE SHIPPING on everything in my Society6 shop!!!

Promo expires on May 12th so if you’ve been holding out on getting something, now’s your chance! :)

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"I never stopped loving you."

Just doodling one-shots. It’s been a while.

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Updated my Society6 with some more stuff! Diva!Blaine, Skank!Kurt, W-IR and Lana Del Rey illustrations available as shirts, laptop skins, iPhone cases and more!

You can buy them here, and please feel free to message me with other items you’d like to see made from my drawings and stuff C:

Thanks y’all!