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And with that, the curse was finally lifted and Blaine Anderson was allowed to graduate high school

(based on this)

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Sup guys

I got a tattoo

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Have you ever seen your average sixteen year old try to grow a beard

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Season 3B Derek

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Team Werewolf Boyfriends Human

DUMB WOOF COMICS I’m so sorry everyone

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Meet Tiffani, my final project in my toy design class and a part of the larger Bambi project I’ve been working on this semester.

This was an experiment for me, I am obviously not a sculptor or a doll maker, but I was excited to test myself with doll construction and I’m very happy with how she turned out.

The head/body, hands and feet are made with Super Sculpey and painted with acrylics, the arms and legs are sewn by hand, and the clothes were made with a repurposed shirt I found at Goodwill. The flower crown prop was also made by me.

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Yyyyyup, I went there.

This is for Chris! I wanted to try my own hand at his Llamanator costume

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I’m having an existential crisis thanks to Chris Colfer TAHNKSD A LOTYDF

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Because Miller is evil and put the idea of Chris doing a bloody photoshoot in my head


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Made the mistake of googling Jacob Artist