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Posey is a shining beacon of sunshine and we’re grateful to have him as our Teen Wolf!  Teen Wolf has so many amazing fans, lets show everyone how we can come together and support the star of our favorite werewolfy show!

To support the efforts to get ‘#morescott' and '#poseytivity' trending a bunch of us got together and decided to do a giveaway to promote it!

We have 20 prizes to offer from KendraWCanDraw, Renqa/TheTeenageHorror, Queermccall, Vulcains and Daunt!

  • 3 winners will get a chibi commission from Renqa/TheTeenageHorror
  • 1 winner will get a color illustration of two characters by KendraWCanDraw
  • 3 winners will get Teen Wolf teas of their choice from Adagio!
  • 8 winners will get a full color drawn 500 x 500 icon by Daunt (your favorite character, animal OR YOU)
  • 1 winner will get $25 value print from Society6, donated by Vulcains for the print of the winner’s choice choice
  • 1 winner will get $25 value print from Society6, donated by Daunt for the print of the winner’s choice choice
  • 1 winner will get one Posey sketch print by Queermccall
  • 2 winners will get their choice of prints from Queermccall's print shop!
  1. Reblog this post! Lets get the word out!
  2. At 9:55pm EST start tweeting both #morescott and #poseytivity (make sure you include BOTH hashtags in each tweet)
  3. Tweet it 10 times for 1 entry!  Tweet it 25 times for 3 entries!
  4. If you see either of these things trending TAKE A SCREENCAP OF YOUR ENTIRE SCREEN and send it in!  The first five screencaps get 5 extra entries!
  5. When you’re done tweeting, email us a link to your tumblr and twitter so we can count your entries!  Email us at poseytivity@dauntingfire.com

  • Only use #morescott and #poseytivity together ONCE per tweet.  Duplicating the same hashtag over and over in one tweet can invalidate the tweet!
  • Sample tweets:  ‘I really love poseys acting in this scene! #morescott #poseytivity' or  'I love that Scott is so compassionate #morescott #poseytivity' or even just 'Scott is awesome! #morescott #poseytivity

Thanks so much guys!  Lets do our best to get this trending! :)


This is a huge awesome deal for me and I’m so happy Daunt asked me to participate!!!

One winner will receive a color illo from me featuring two characters of your choice, and there are SO MANY other awesome prizes!!

Even if you can’t enter, please spread the word and the #poseytivity!!!!!!!