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Kurt you drank like a liter of whiskey what did you expect to happen

I hope it was “get hungover” and not “get laid” ‘cause like

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"Please stay"

Look at these dumb idiots

A little thank you to everyone for being so wonderful and supportive of You Da One! I really really appreciate it uwu

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(This isn’t the end. There is much more to come)

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Part two of the big You Da One update! Another update will go up tonight.

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A long-awaited You Da One update, which is actually also a commission for somewhereonlyino

This update is actually part one of 2 to 3 that’ll go up over tonight/tomorrow, so keep an eye out (If you’ve forgotten what’s been happening, here are the comics thus far in chronological order)

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"You are NOT using Clueless quotes to ruin my life, Quinn, you are NOT"

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You Da One, now with added Burt!

Sorry it took so long to update guys. I’ve been working on commissions but left all my stuff in NYC so I’m stuck with updating this until I get back, whoop whoop

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Someday soon I will do more You Da One, I promise

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Finally back to these little fuckers, awww look at them go

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" Fuck tha police" -Blaine Anderson

Just one page this update, because the next two make more sense as a grouped update, blah blah blah comicking problems.