October 21st  -  689 notes  -  J

Isabelle needed a stand-in model. That was it. And Kurt happened to be around, and yes, maybe he preened a bit when she asked him to help her out so he agreed without question. Had he known it was an underwear shoot, and there was to be a second model, he would have given pause. Had he known that Sebastian Smythe was the second model… well. Well.

He would have given Isabelle a stern talking to, he was sure.

September 18th  -  1,803 notes  -  J

"Let’s just change that to an ‘A’, shall we, Mr. Anderson…?"

For Miller!!! Skank!Kurt and Teacher!Blaine

August 13th  -  2,332 notes  -  J

"Pick up. Just, pick up."

You can just go ahead and blame Miller for this one

August 8th  -  223 notes  -  J

Because Miller is evil and put the idea of Chris doing a bloody photoshoot in my head


July 12th  -  290 notes  -  J

A little Kurtbastian dedicated to Miller who is having a shit time lately and deserves any love and well wishes you can send her way.


June 10th  -  1,395 notes  -  J

For Miller!!!! Sorry it’s kinda messy, I drew it in pencil and was afraid to ink it ;3;

Cheerios!Kurt and Lacrosse!Sebastian aka help everything I ever wanted