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I’M FINE no I’m not

(All photo credit to the AMAZING Allie!!!)

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Apologies for the quality but I don’t have a scanner right now

I’m going to the SBL novel signing today and obviously I have to shower Chris with art, so here we are.

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Yyyyyup, I went there.

This is for Chris! I wanted to try my own hand at his Llamanator costume

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I’m having an existential crisis thanks to Chris Colfer TAHNKSD A LOTYDF

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Because Miller is evil and put the idea of Chris doing a bloody photoshoot in my head


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Lol, the one non-super-blurry picture I got of Chris during his Union Square book signing. I quite like his facial expression. Best emoticon-esque facial expressions~

(Also, lol Emmy, this was the only picture I could get of you and Chris because I was in line while you were up there. Here it is in case you still wanted it~)


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Okay I have a minute so I’m going to go over my Chris experience in excruciating detail under the cut

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Okay I apologize for the quality of these photos, I would have scanned them but I ran out of time!These were the drawings I did for Chris to give to him at the signing, a mini Commander Absolute comic of sorts.

If you can’t read the text, it goes like this
Newspaper: Nation knows nothing of British royal history; Experts blame economy, rap music
Chris: “Mother of Boflex! It’s worse than I thought!”
Elizabeth I: “Commander! I came as soon as I could! What’s the plan?”
Chris: “Ready to educate the masses, Your Majesty?”
Elizabeth I: “Let’s party like it’s 1599!”
And then they fly into the sky and stuff

He said he really liked it and he and Alla (his publicist) both freaked out over the Brian drawings especially (he’s such a cat dad omg)

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So, Kendra is a huge Glee fan. Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt on Glee, is a huge llama fan. He did a book signing in Union Square yesterday, so what did Kendra do? Give him our Llama Squishy prototype of course! This slightly blurry photograph is proof! Yes, she is freaking out. 

Here is the only picture that exists of Chris and I, that the amazing Marissa risked life and limb to get. Sobbing a lot.