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Some commissions I did at MoCCA this weekend! For swingsetindecember, pizzalinski, and dinojay respectively! Thank you guys!!

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All mugs in my Society6 shop are $6 off today!! <— Clicky linky! The discount comes off when you check out!

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Hey y’all!! For the first time (at least for me) Society 6 is offering FREE SHIPPING PLUS $5 OFF YOUR ORDER!!! Until December 8th so GOGOGO

~*~*~*~Clickety clack this link to get the discount!~*~*~*~

I will be adding more products and designs tonight, but in case you’ve been waiting on something, now’s the time to get it!

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Hey y’all! As you may know, Society6 recently began offering improved tote bags, mugs, and throw pillows!

So I reformatted some of my favorite designs and I hope you like them and you can buy them here okay thank you!!!!!!!!

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And with that, the curse was finally lifted and Blaine Anderson was allowed to graduate high school

(based on this)

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Commission for flamingmuse, posted with her permission!

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Little doodle inspired by my last drawing because shh that’s why