February 14th  -  1,199 notes  -  J

Um, happy Valentine’s day??

Commission for Peggy, posted with her permission!

June 1st  -  1,717 notes  -  J

More of that Badboy!Kurt/Nerd!Blaine I started yesterday. I’m gonna start tagging these as “Comic: You Da One” for tracking or blacklists or whatever (Like the Rihanna song, Kendra? Like the Rihanna song)

Dialogue in the second page inspired in part by Inky's amazing fic to go with the last set!

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So when I was stuck in a car for five hours coming home Sunday night, I dreamed up this AU where Kurt was in the Skanks with Quinn and through a school project or something starts hanging out with a very nerdy Blaine Anderson.

And Kurt is a virgin but Quinn is the only one who knows and he gets super jealous of Blaine but pretends he’s just teasing and then???? Shit happens?????

This is when I wish I could write fic better so I could just make this happen sIGH (mainly I just like drawing Kurt in harem pants???)