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I love kendrawcandraw

My boo met Drake last night and Barf Troop is gonna get signed to OVO and become huge stars it’s w/e

August 10th  -  4,182 notes  -  J

Imagine if four Disney princesses formed a badass singing group and sang about girl power and being awesome

I’m here to tell you it’s real and it’s Little Mix

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Drake is my life coach

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Hello 911 it got in my mouth

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I promise I’m doing real work but I took a break to draw a boy in a crop top because it was very important

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So Cakes Da Killa’s new album dropped today and it makes me feel some type a way….

June 12th  -  931 notes  -  J

Iasmin drew some really excellent Ranmas today and inspired me„„

I think I shipped these guys probably a decade before I knew what shipping was

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Emotional about Nicki rn/forever

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Drawing Bulmas, avoiding responsibilities!!

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