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Making Big Decisions is hard!!!!!

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Two more characters for House of Donovan! 

This is Benji, who is Travis' older brother, and Tiyah.

There will be more characters forthcoming. I hope you enjoy them!

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Sorry for not posting art for ages! I have been busy and also dead

Here are some sketches I did on a plane though! Character designing for a comic I want to do that is a futuristic dance-fighting adventure thing. Think DBZ meets Paris is Burning

This is Travis Donovan and Denise Rose Donovan of the House of Donovan

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Surprise! It’s a Squishable Catbug from Bravest Warriors on Cartoon Hangover! WOO! Yes indeed, we got together with the most AWESOME cartoon ever to make this adorable half-kitty-half-ladybug that loves cuddles as much as he loves sugar peas! I’M CATBUG!

Wanna see Catbug in action?? Watch Bravest Warriors!


I designed a Catbug for Squishable!!


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"So Kendra how did you get into One Direction"

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Hourly comics day was today! Here is my boring-ass day

I cut it short ‘cause I don’t anticipate anything else happening tonight oops

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Drew my witchsona for witchsona week!!

She is a tiny weird little witch who accidentally grows flowers out of her skin when she gets excited. Friend of bees. Makes her own booze out of old berries.

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Overcome by my love of Nicki and had to draw her

(It’s transparent!)