October 6th  -  653 notes  -  J

"If the heavens ever did speak / she’s the last true mouthpiece"

Take Me To Church, inspired by Klimt’s “Judith”, for Hozier’s running fanart contest ~

October 5th  -  6,629 notes  -  J

The last show of my first tour with 1D and I may or may not be crying into my beer about it

September 30th  -  1,868 notes  -  J

Nimona ended today and you should read it

September 29th  -  251 notes  -  J

Anyway I drew some cool pics of me, some weird nervous possum thing wearing a hat

September 29th  -  15,552 notes  -  J

i don’t know what im doing

September 27th  -  1,474 notes  -  J

BoJack Horseman is really cute!!! sad

September 26th  -  638 notes  -  J

Do you listen to Neon Jungle? You should listen to Neon Jungle

September 25th  -  855 notes  -  J

"Fresh from the fields, all fetor and fertile / It’s bloody and raw but I swear it is sweet"

Another entry for Hozier’s fanart contest

September 14th  -  164 notes  -  J

Varying degrees of doodles I’ve posted to twitter this weekend

September 11th  -  226 notes  -  J

Inspired by a conversation with Dan on twitter the other day.

It’s also available on shirts, mugs, and prints in my society6