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Hey y’all! As you may know, Society6 recently began offering improved tote bags, mugs, and throw pillows!

So I reformatted some of my favorite designs and I hope you like them and you can buy them here okay thank you!!!!!!!!

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And with that, the curse was finally lifted and Blaine Anderson was allowed to graduate high school

(based on this)

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Commission for flamingmuse, posted with her permission!

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Little doodle inspired by my last drawing because shh that’s why

September 2nd  -  3,573 notes  -  J

If you think Tony Stark’s greatest joy in life wouldn’t be mortifying his son you’re wrong

Commission for Noemie, posted with permission!!

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Dancin’ in the courtyard

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90s skater!Blaine and riot grrl!Quinn. And piggybacks. Even the crustiest punks like piggybacks.

Commission for Lissa, posted with her permission!

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Commission for Georgia, posted with her permission!

Stiles, Kurt is grossed out by you. Wash your clothes. 

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Rest in peace, Cory.

Thank you for everything.

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Blainey-locks and the three puppies!

Commission for Jamie, posted with her permission!