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Hey y’all this is gonna be a long post 

I’m taking a leave of fandom for a bit

Following as many Glee blogs as I do, it’s beginning to take a huge toll on my personal and professional life. It’s started to become a source of anxiety and an enormous distraction from things that really should be occupying my time, like work and schoolwork. I’m in my senior year of college, taking 7 classes and working 24 hours a week. Now more than ever I need to focus on that, and fandom has become a detriment to my focus and attention to those tasks. That scares me.

Because of the connections I have on here, I can’t simply delete, and blacklisting has proven futile. I’ve thought about this a lot, and I believe the best solution for me personally is to unfollow the Glee and other fandom blogs I currently follow. Which sucks, because you guys are my good friends, and I don’t like being disconnected from you.

I promise it’s nothing personal. I love you guys. This is just a temporary solution to the problem because I don’t trust myself to just not be involved. I hope I can refollow as soon as things are a little more stable for me. For now though, I just need to step waaaaaaaay back and shittily for me, that means not being able to follow y’alls fandom blogs.

I will still be posting art here, hell, I’ll probably still draw and post Glee art. I will probably still watch the show on my own time, and I still have commissions to get to you all so fear not. I will keep drawing these dumbass characters because I’m still invested in them. But I can’t be so hung up on the spoilers and the tweets and all that anymore.

I know this is a super long and annoying post, and may not seem like the best solution, but I think it has to happen, just for my own sake. It’s no fault of yours. It’s entirely my responsibility.

If we mutually follow each other, and you’d like to keep in touch, please feel free to message me! I still wanna stay in touch, whether through personal blogs or DMs or texting or whatever.

I’m probably gonna start unfollowing Glee and other fandom blogs over the course of the weekend.

Thank you guys for understanding. I love you all. I really do.

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