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SBL book signing

Sooooooo Chris Colfer officially has a copy of my Commander Absolute comic on his phone, he told me himself.

I told him I drew him the CA thing and gave it to him at the TLOS signing and when he recognized me he grabbed both my hands and was super excited and told me his abs had “never looked better” (I should be given credit for not saying ‘I COULD USE SOME PHOTO REFERENCE THO JS’ like I wanted to)

And I gave him the SBL drawing I did and he said he really really liked it and he wouldn’t stop looking at it and said I drew his nose perfectly and was being really adorable and we were making like, tons of eye contact? It was really intense??? Ahhh??

And then he apparently had forgotten whether he’d signed my book or not ‘cause we’d been talking for like a minute and a half and I was kinda like wow ahh congrats on your book and everything thank you and he was like “Oh thank you also I really like your earrings!” as I was stepping away (they’re little silver lightning bolts) and I just????

WOW WHATTA ANGEL I am literally still in shock pictures are forthcoming WOW CHRIS COLFER WHAT. WHAT A CUTE PATOOT

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