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“Sleeping Beauty”

This has been sitting unfinished on my computer for ages now, so I decided to finally finish it up. It feels good to work in color, even if I have no idea what I’m doing.

Basically I just wanted to draw Kurt as a prince.

“I know you.”

He stared at the decrepit castle, stark against the flaming sky. 

“I walked with you once upon a dream.”

The boy’s lips had tasted like cherries as they’d giggled and laughed under the willow tree.

“I know you.”

No one expected him to do this. Everyone at court called him “lady”. How could he defeat a sorcerer with only his sword, Courage?

“The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam.”

The boy had tackled him from behind, giggling as they fell into the pond together. He’d looked up just as the buttery sunshine broke through the clouds and the boy’s green-gold eyes had practically glowed.

“But if I know you…”

Sebastian laughed at him—a horrible screeching sound as his face morphed and twisted and grew scaly as he contorted into a monster.

“I know what you’ll do.”

“Dance with me!” The boy laughed, twirling Kurt around the grove. Kurt obliged, dancing the day away until they fell giggling back into the flowers, kissing until they were breathless. He plucked a red rose from a bush and gave it to the boy before he had to depart.

“You’ll love me at once.” 

He hacked through the thorns and brambles, dodging fire to get to the dragon. It reared back and he took his chance, plunging his sword into its belly.

“The way you did…”

Kurt raced to the highest tower, throwing open the door. There was the boy, lying still on his bed, clutching his rose against his heart. He walked over to him and cupped his cheek fondly, before leaning down to kiss me. The boy sighed, his hand coming up to pull him closer.

“Once upon a dream.”

Did I mention inkystars wrote fic for this???? Dreamy sighh~~~

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