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Nimona ended today and you should read it

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Anyway I drew some cool pics of me, some weird nervous possum thing wearing a hat

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i don’t know what im doing

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What's one song from One Direction that you absolutely love, but you think is really underrated?

Something Great. It’s one of my favorites.

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Who are your favorite characters to draw and why? :)

I really like drawing Scott from Teen Wolf which is lucky because he’s also my fave

Derek and Stiles are impossible to draw Hoechlin has a face like a dorito with eyebrows and stubble and Dylan’s face just doesn’t make sense

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what's an influencial experience you can reflect back on-something that contributed to your beliefs/maybe even art style today?

"Good things happen to those who hustle" is some of the best advice I’ve seen and something I try to take to heart every day.

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What's your to-do list for 1d?

What… what does this mean…. like my bonetown list

I’ll settle for a solid hug from each of them and also Liam suplexing me into gravel

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How do you feel about the whole Sam pepper situation?

He and anyone else who exploits and assaults women should be shot into the sun~*~*~*~

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Ever think to yourself "yeah, I could probably draw that, but nah" and if so, about what?

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can you post pictures of your tattoos?0:


I’ve got two! My anchor and my laurel!